WayBetter, Inc. | 2018-Present

WayBetter’s games motivate you to get in shape by betting on your ability to succeed. It’s a science-backed process whose value proposition is hard to pin down in a punchy landing page, ad or email.


My approach is to tap into the angst people feel about summoning the will to make positive change. Then, I reassure them that a simple financial commitment can clear away that angst, by refocusing their minds on a more immediate, bite-sized problem: getting their $40 back!


American University of Antigua College of Medicine, 2018

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to go to med school in paradise? Caribbean med schools are a tough sell when better-known universities offer great education in the US. I helped increase AUA’s 2019 Fall & Spring applications by plugging their international curriculum and balmy tropical setting.

SlimBackup™ , 2015-2016 |

There are a lot of PC backup utilities. To compete, urgency and clarity are key. Headline and benefit copy for one of IAC Applications’ premier PC utility software programs.

DocToPDF™ , 2014 |
Before we tested this concept, the DocToPdf™ default landing page had no aspirational messaging beyond “convert files.” My headline spoke to how the product opens new possibilities. This allowed it to stand out amongst other web-based file conversion software – leading to a large, sustained spike in user downloads.



Mindspark/IAC, Jun. 2014 to Jul. 2016

Determined to be good neighbors in their new digs in Yonkers, IAC donated money to “daylight” the Saw Mill River that runs through downtown. This ad played up the company’s earth-first attitude in a local environmental magazine. The result? Good press, and more job seekers from the area – a win for a company with trouble convincing New Yorkers to reverse-commute to Westchester.

Video Scripts

CBR.Com, June 2018

Futurism.Com, March 2017  

Video scripts need to be short, easy and interesting. If you have more than one ad, you need to keep that player playing until the end. And that means giving the audience what they want, all the way through. It comes naturally to me. I can do this all day.


Alan David Custom, Nov. 2017 |

Alan David Custom has been making bespoke suits for over a century, and this ad helped to expand their sale by drawing younger customers to the shop. Before I came on board, they had no social presence to speak of. I helped plug this authentic, timeless New York Garment District institution for a new generation of dapper men.

Product Descriptions

Savransky1 Sol

Savransky Diamonds, Jul. 2012 to Mar. 2014

Sol Savransky needed hundreds of unique product descriptions for their B2B jewelry eCommerce website. I provided unique descriptions for their best selling items, and also helped develop a system to generate descriptions based on combinations of style and size, all while using highly-targeted keywords.

Labcompare.Com, 2011 | Scientists and doctors need to be taken through the weeds with a voice that distills technical info. For each product I wrote for LabCompare.com, I spent hours researching the use of lab equipment and the scienti c laws that dictate their use.

Website for film “Sam The Spaceman.” | If you’re going to build your own website for the sci-fi comedy film you wrote, produced and acted in, the headline better be funny.