Marketing Copy

About Sam the Copywriter

I am a passionate and creative copywriter who can tell a great story about a brand. I know how to sell good ideas to clients – or clients’ ideas to customers. If you need someone to plan and execute messaging for sales or digital experiences, you can count on me.

With almost seven years of digital copywriting experience, here’s some of what I bring to the table:

  • I have helped increase user conversions for clients by up to 70% per product by writing compelling content – or simply improving the headline on a landing page.
  • I can improve the entire sales-funnel for products, from banner ad to post-installation, by ensuring consistency and clarity of messaging.
  • One of my greatest strengths is the ability to jump among projects for landing pages, display ads, video scripts, marketing emails and long-form content on a dime. I can do that all day.
  • Because of my knowledge of platforms like AdBeat or SEMRush, I forge productive working relationships with analysts and marketing managers. I speak the language of your SEO team.
  • I get along great with designers, in part because of my familiarity with basic HTML and CMS platforms like WordPress.
  • Most clients run A/B or multivariate tests on their marketing collateral, to see which version performs best in the real world. I’m very familiar with this process, and can help plan any testing efforts.